ffmpeg4android README

(FFmpeg README is listed below) ffmpeg4android is a “source” project for Android NDK, which contains latest FFmpeg modules (without bins), and ANDROID-USE-ONLY libraries compiled with all decoders and x264/aac encoders.

NOTICE: If what you need, are “how to use FFmpeg” rather than “how to compile FFmpeg” or “how FFmpeg works”, PLEASE goto FFmpegAdapter directly.

Please make sure, before you follow “How to xxx” below, you already knew what’s ndk-build, environment-variable and similar basic technologies.

##How to use

  1. Download Android NDK
  2. Put the whole ffmpeg-x.x.x/* folder (actually, only ffmpeg-x.x.x/android/* is enough.) under $NDK_HOME/sources/ffmpeg4android/
  3. Add reference $(call import-module, ffmpeg4android/android/arm) into Android.mk of your project with NDK.
  4. Now ndk-build should work. Tada~

##How to compile shared libraries (DEFAULT)

  1. Add path of ndk11 as environment variable : $NDK_HOME (Will upgrade to ndk16 soon.)
  2. If you want to compile with x264, you need x264android at first. Then add x264 path as environment variable : $X264_HOME
  3. Now you can run ./build.sh FFMPEG_CODES_FOLDER to compile. Tada~

##How to compile static libraries (BE CARE : LGPL limitation)

  1. Follow step 1 and 2 of “How to compile (shared libraries)”
  2. Use --enable-static instead of --disable-static in build_android.sh
  3. Now you can run build.sh FFMPEG_CODES_FOLDER to compile static libraries. Tada~
  4. One more thing, modify Android.mk, use PREBUILT_STATIC_LIBRARY instead of PREBUILT_SHARED_LIBRARY; And use lib***.a instead of lib***.so


  1. Now the build_android.sh includes all decoders but only aac and x264 encoders, if you need more, please modify it and re-compile. BTW, per X264, please follow GPL license.
  2. ffmpeg folder (not ffmpeg-x.x) contains latest build (newer than ffmpeg-2.4 but not stable), be care.
  3. Codes newer than ffmpeg 2.4, use Android_newer.mk; otherwise, use Android.mk.

##Environment Android NDK only.

##License Should be same as FFmpeg…

##Contact Any problems please contact me @ffmpeg4android or chloette.e@gmail.com


FFmpeg is a collection of libraries and tools to process multimedia content such as audio, video, subtitles and related metadata.




The offline documentation is available in the doc/ directory.

The online documentation is available in the main website and in the wiki.


Conding examples are available in the doc/example directory.


FFmpeg codebase is mainly LGPL-licensed with optional components licensed under GPL. Please refer to the LICENSE file for detailed information.