script to upgrade ghost

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script to upgrade ghost

Environment before using:

  1. Ubuntu 14.04 (or similar)
  2. ghost0.5.x
  3. npm/nodejs/forever

How to use:

  1. clone to folder-of-code
  2. add executable permission to and like this: chmod a+x folder-of-code/*.sh
  3. change folder-of-ghost in to actual ghost folder
  4. If you need comments (Disqus only), upgrade like this: folder-of-code/ folder-of-ghost folder-of-code Disqus_forum_shortname, otherwise: folder-of-code/ folder-of-ghost folder-of-code
  5. Waiting...

LOL~ Enjoy your ghost~

What's doing:

step1: stop ghost

step2-5: download latest ghost and install(

step6: (If you're out of China, please ignore/comment this step.) 针对国内google fonts被墙,导致访问性能极差做的优化(使用360的cdn)。

step7: show content rather than excerpt @index

step8: make logo looks better,and limit index image width

step9: use prism to highlight syntax

step10: add disqus comment(,

step11: restart ghost

That's all~